Saturday, October 08, 2005

Who's WHO in the numbers game

I have been thinking about what the urologist said. Something to the effect of that although the numbers for my test results were on the low side of things that they weren't really all that bad. The most reassuring thing he said was that he saw no reason why I shouldn't be able to get my wife pregnant.

I got to wondering just what normal is and how its determined. I found lots of different sources with lots of different numbers. It seems that the actual number seems to be one of the most referenced numbers. Apparently the World Health Organization sets a baseline of 20 million per milliliter and thats what most seem to follow.

I found countless web pages that try to talk about the whole thing. Here are some of the ones that I thought put it together well; the national institute of health, a 'random' fertility clinic, and webmd.

Here are my numbers:
  • liquification <30>
  • Volume 4.0 Color gray/white
  • pH, >7.2
  • Consistency Nonviscous
  • Progressive motility 43%
  • Non-Progressive motility 6%
  • Non-Motile 51%
  • Viability 37%
  • concentration 21 million/cc
  • count 84 million
  • white blood cell .66 million/ml
  • normal morphology 87%
  • abnormal morphology 13%

Well, That's a Fine How Do You Do

Had my first encounter with a urologist yesterday. After I filled out all the insurance and medical history paper work I sat for a while until they called me in.

After a bit the Dr. walks in and seems like a nice enough guy. Looks at the test results and says that the numbers aren't great, but he doesn't see any reason why my wife an I can't have kids. Runs down some possible reasons (infection or varicocele, and some others) as to why my test results were poor.

Then its time for the physical evaluation. Standing there with my pants around my ankles, I wonder what makes one want to specialize in genitals? It was a very thorough and uncomfortable examination of my scrotum and testicles which made me jump at least twice.

The best(!?) part was what followed that. I have never had my prostate checked before. Didn't know what it entailed, at all. Well! let me tell you something. It was quite a surprise, and not a pleasant one at all. Maybe if I knew exactly what it was and had been mentally prepared it wouldn't have been so bad. At least next time I'll know.

After I get my self together the Dr. says that he doesn't see any problems here. Wants me to get another semen analysis to establish a baseline and make sure that there really was a problem. It makes sense to me when he says that I could of just had a bad sample. That bad part about that is that I need to wait a few months to get a good reading. I guess it takes 70 - 90 days for a new batch to form.

So I guess I'll be back in a couple months...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Get thee to a urologist

I called the referral ladies at the Dr.'s office. Had to explain why I wanted a referral and was given the name and number of an approved urologist and told to make an appointment and then call back.

Called and made an appointment. Called the referral ladies back and I just need to pick up the paperwork before I go. I think I am going to need to get used to talking to strangers about masturbation, at least "semen analysis" sounds clinical and scientific.

Anyway, got an appointment for Friday. This oughta be fun.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

How did I get here?


Here I go into my first little foray of blogging and my apparent infertility. As with any 'firsts' things maybe a little shakey, but I hope that over time it will stand on its own and with positive results.

So I guess I should explain how I got here.

A little over a year ago something lit my wifes ovaries on fire! OK, so I didn't see flames or even smell smoke, but she had what seemed to be an all of a sudden burning desire to be a mother. The fact that she wanted to have children wasn't a surprise, we had talked about that long before we were married and had continued to. The consensus seemed to be that we would wait a few years yet. We were both young (thirtyish) and we had some "other things" we wanted to do before we had kids. Well unbeknownst to me that changed. She wanted a baby, and she wanted one now! After my initial shock at the instant urgency passed I was all for it. So we started doing all the stuff that a couple trying to make a baby do.

That was about a year ago and we haven't seen any results yet. A month or two ago my wife started going to her Dr. and has had a few tests done. Can you guess where this is going? Everything done so far comes back as normal. As a result her Dr. suggest that I get a semen analysis. I had some apprehension at the idea of producing a "sample" and it was kind of embarrassing to have to get the referral that the HMO requires("hello, I would like to have some evaluate my ejaculate").

At any rate, last weekend I went to the lab and left a sample. My Dr's office called me this morning with the results and apparently they aren't very good. They think I should go see a urologist and see if I can be helped. I am disappointed and a little lost right now.
I don't think that this is something I want to deal with, but I guess will.

So I guess that is how I got here.