Saturday, October 01, 2005

How did I get here?


Here I go into my first little foray of blogging and my apparent infertility. As with any 'firsts' things maybe a little shakey, but I hope that over time it will stand on its own and with positive results.

So I guess I should explain how I got here.

A little over a year ago something lit my wifes ovaries on fire! OK, so I didn't see flames or even smell smoke, but she had what seemed to be an all of a sudden burning desire to be a mother. The fact that she wanted to have children wasn't a surprise, we had talked about that long before we were married and had continued to. The consensus seemed to be that we would wait a few years yet. We were both young (thirtyish) and we had some "other things" we wanted to do before we had kids. Well unbeknownst to me that changed. She wanted a baby, and she wanted one now! After my initial shock at the instant urgency passed I was all for it. So we started doing all the stuff that a couple trying to make a baby do.

That was about a year ago and we haven't seen any results yet. A month or two ago my wife started going to her Dr. and has had a few tests done. Can you guess where this is going? Everything done so far comes back as normal. As a result her Dr. suggest that I get a semen analysis. I had some apprehension at the idea of producing a "sample" and it was kind of embarrassing to have to get the referral that the HMO requires("hello, I would like to have some evaluate my ejaculate").

At any rate, last weekend I went to the lab and left a sample. My Dr's office called me this morning with the results and apparently they aren't very good. They think I should go see a urologist and see if I can be helped. I am disappointed and a little lost right now.
I don't think that this is something I want to deal with, but I guess will.

So I guess that is how I got here.


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