Saturday, October 08, 2005

Who's WHO in the numbers game

I have been thinking about what the urologist said. Something to the effect of that although the numbers for my test results were on the low side of things that they weren't really all that bad. The most reassuring thing he said was that he saw no reason why I shouldn't be able to get my wife pregnant.

I got to wondering just what normal is and how its determined. I found lots of different sources with lots of different numbers. It seems that the actual number seems to be one of the most referenced numbers. Apparently the World Health Organization sets a baseline of 20 million per milliliter and thats what most seem to follow.

I found countless web pages that try to talk about the whole thing. Here are some of the ones that I thought put it together well; the national institute of health, a 'random' fertility clinic, and webmd.

Here are my numbers:
  • liquification <30>
  • Volume 4.0 Color gray/white
  • pH, >7.2
  • Consistency Nonviscous
  • Progressive motility 43%
  • Non-Progressive motility 6%
  • Non-Motile 51%
  • Viability 37%
  • concentration 21 million/cc
  • count 84 million
  • white blood cell .66 million/ml
  • normal morphology 87%
  • abnormal morphology 13%


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