Friday, November 25, 2005

L-Carnitine & friends

So I have been taking fertility vitamins and have been since August. This was at about the same time that my wife got me to switch to boxers. It was all in an attempt to make sure that when my "swimmers" hit the water they can make it to the finish line. I started with them before I even thought about going for any tests. My wife had been taking vitamins that her Dr. gave her for a while and I wanted to be an active participant so when I learned that they had ones for men I figured that it couldn't hurt.

I have two different ones that I am taking currently. They are Fertility Blend and FertilAid. One calls for three pills a day and the other two. Looking at the ingredients they seem to be about the same, but each one says that it has its own special combination of ingredients. So to maximize my results I am taking half a dose of each everyday. The way I see it by mixing them like that I am getting the benefit of each one's custom blend and maintaining whatever benefits the overlapping ingredients have.

I know that first analysis was too soon after I started with them make a difference. Its getting close to the time that the urologist wanted the next test done, and
I am really hoping that these pills will make a difference.


Blogger A dad someday said...

I am doing the boxers and suppliments thing right now. I know of several people that were not helped by them, but it is worth a try, right.

Glad the link is find you some new readers with insight. To web is an amazing place.

5:51 AM, February 04, 2006  

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