Thursday, December 15, 2005

Feeling Scammed

My wife went and picked up my test results today. The important numbers all went down. Not by much, but down none the less. At least I now have reproducible results for whatever thats worth.

I guess the months of nasty vitamins are over. Now that I have chemical goodness flowing through my body I should be at the peak of reaping the benefit from them. Everything went down. I am really disapointed and I feel like I have been ripped off.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Its my test, I want the results

Had the pleasure of producing another sample for analysis today. Never thought I would be doing this in a small restroom adjacent to a waiting room. They are very professional about the whole thing, but it is a very cold and uncomfortable environment.

I want to be able to get the results myself and I would like my wife to be able to get them as well. I don't understand why that is so complicated. I need to sign a release today so that I can get my own results later. I guess I am grateful that they are trying to protect my privacy, but do they need to protect me from myself?