Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just Pick One

The urologist's office called me back and said that they had sent everything over last week. Last week? I spoke to my Dr's office on Friday afternoon and they didn't seem to have it. I thought that this was just a little odd.

I called my referral ladies and it turns out that they do have everything. After she said that she wanted to know if I was ready to go forward. It went a little like this: Did I make an appointment at one of the fertility clinics? Um, no. Not yet. I just wanted to be sure that you had everything. Oh you do? We just need to pick one so you can get it approved by the HMO, that makes sense. ok, we'll do that. thanks.

I guess we should just pick one. I have looked at the websites for both and the both seem professionally designed and all that. I have searched a few message boards looking for opinions on them and found a couple postings but not that much. I tried looking them up at the Centers for Disease Control's Assisted Reproductive Technology site. so would that be cdcart? (Does it strike anyone else as odd the infertility and assisted reproduction would be a CDC thing?) That didn't give me much info on either place.

So how to choose. flip a coin? Drive by each and decided which one is the nicest looking? Stalk other couples going in and out and ask them? Maybe we should just pick the closest one? Seems like kind of a big decision to leave to random chance. Then again I do feel like were over thinking it. I'm sure we will pick one and everything will work out just fine.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Ducks, and putting them in rows.

At this point the only thing to do was to figure out where we go next. We needed to get a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist or at the very least to some one else that would and could help us out.

The urologist said that my wife would need to get the referral. OK... My wife's doctor has done a bunch of tests on her and all her 'stuff' seems normal. I am the one that is failing here and because of that, her doctor can't or wont send us to another doctor. ? Isn't she the one that will have the most work done? I mean as I see it the further down this road we go the less necessary I become. To the process anyway.

Since going through her doctor seemed to be a dead end I called my doctor's office. According to 'my' referral ladies my wife and I were given partially incorrect information. It seems, if I understood her right, that with our coverage whenever a couple is referred for infertility they are referred as a couple and either person's doctor could do the referral for the couple. makes sense. I guess the urologist just assumed that since my wife would be doing the hard part that she would be the one to get the referral and her office didn't know they could or didn't want to send her.

Anyway. I spoke with the referral lady for what seemed like a really long time, but I am sure it was only a few minutes. She said that she could handle the referral and all we had to do was make an appointment and get her all the paperwork on what had been done. So we had to make sure that I had the urologist office send her everything that that had been done, the analysis and the ultrasound. Then we needed to pick one of two places. One called the Center for Human Reproduction and the other called Fertility Centers of Illinois.

I have already called the urologist office and left a voicemail asking that they send everything to my doctor's office. Now I guess we just need to decide where we are going to go and hope that we don't have any insurance problems. Seems like it should be fine, but still, with all the insurance nightmares you hear about I'm just a little nervous.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dr. Pontius Pilate

The urologist just washed his hands of me. He finally called back. He said that he looked at the results and saw nothing.


I guess thats the right word too. I feel kind of lost and empty right now.

The guy said he doesn't see anything and that our only hope would be to go to a reproductive endocrinologist for in vitro. Is this the same doctor? talking to the same patient? What happened to no reason why we cant have a kid, it just that my numbers are low? What happened to the hydrocele? What happened.

I guess this guy has just decided he was done with us. Now what?

Monday, January 23, 2006


It had been a week since I had my ultrasound and I had yet to hear anything. When I had the test done they said it should only be a couple days, whihc by my math is less then a week, but somethimes I do use some of that fancy math.

Anyway, I call the office and get into someone's voice mail box and leave a long rambling message about having the ultrasound and wondering what the heck is going on. A few hours later I get a phone call. Apparently the test results never got sent to the office, but the woman had made some calls and she was looking at them while she was talking to me. She said that everything looked ok to her except for a slight hydrocele, but the Dr. would have to look at it and get back to me.

A hydrocele! Something! My google-fu has already told me quite a bit about hydroceles. In regards to fertility much of what I have found is contradictory. Seems like some sources claim that it could impair fertility and some claim that it can't. Regardless I am absolutely ecstatic that there is "something"!

Monday, January 16, 2006

A new sensation

The ultrasound was painless, but a little disconcerting. Not in a bad way per se. Its just that when ever someone is examining my scrotum I guess I get a little self conscious or something.

Once I was in the room I was told to take off my pants and put a towel over my self so that just my scrotum was exposed and I could cover my legs with a sheet. The nice technician lady left while I got my self situated and came back in a little bit later.

Then she put some gel on the ultrasound 'thing' and then that was put on my testicles. She moved the thing around slowly and it felt - weird. It was similar to what I imagine some one slowly humming on my scrotum would feel like. I had expected it to be cold but it was warm. It was certainly an odd sensation.

After about twenty minutes or so she handed me a towel and told my I could clean myself up and go. My Dr. would get the results in a few days. So now I wait.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

One last look

Well the numbers are all about the same, but a little bit worse across the board. From what he says that basically means that the urologist wants us to go see someone else cause he doesn't think that he can do much else to help us.

He wants me to have an ultrasound on my testicles to double check "just in case" but he seems pretty sure that he is done with us. I really hope that this is not too embarrassing. I hope more that it shows something. I think the not knowing anything is the worst part of it all. I would feel much better if I had something to point to, something I could define.

Anyway, the test is schedule for 16th. That will work out well because I have the day off for Dr. King's birthday. Just need to be sure to get my referral.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Now that all that is over

So the holidays are over. Great. Back to real life. I was under the impression that the urologist would call me with the results of my last analysis. Well, its been about a month and I haven't been called. So I called him.

Once I navigated the voice prompt tree to what I hoped was the right person in the office I found myself dumped into a voice mail box. So I hang up and call back ;) and end up in the voice mail again. This time I leave a message explaining how I had the test done and was wondering if I could get some guidance on the results and all that fun stuff.

A couple hours later they call me back and let me know that they don't have any of the results and ask me where I had the test done. I am told that they often don't get the results back form the hospital. She said that she would find out whats going on.

A little bit later she calls me back and says she has them but of course the Dr. couldn't have reviewed them yet. We make an appointment for next Monday that way he can look over everything and I will be there for him to explain it all to me.

So I guess I find out more on Monday...