Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just Pick One

The urologist's office called me back and said that they had sent everything over last week. Last week? I spoke to my Dr's office on Friday afternoon and they didn't seem to have it. I thought that this was just a little odd.

I called my referral ladies and it turns out that they do have everything. After she said that she wanted to know if I was ready to go forward. It went a little like this: Did I make an appointment at one of the fertility clinics? Um, no. Not yet. I just wanted to be sure that you had everything. Oh you do? We just need to pick one so you can get it approved by the HMO, that makes sense. ok, we'll do that. thanks.

I guess we should just pick one. I have looked at the websites for both and the both seem professionally designed and all that. I have searched a few message boards looking for opinions on them and found a couple postings but not that much. I tried looking them up at the Centers for Disease Control's Assisted Reproductive Technology site. so would that be cdcart? (Does it strike anyone else as odd the infertility and assisted reproduction would be a CDC thing?) That didn't give me much info on either place.

So how to choose. flip a coin? Drive by each and decided which one is the nicest looking? Stalk other couples going in and out and ask them? Maybe we should just pick the closest one? Seems like kind of a big decision to leave to random chance. Then again I do feel like were over thinking it. I'm sure we will pick one and everything will work out just fine.


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