Monday, January 16, 2006

A new sensation

The ultrasound was painless, but a little disconcerting. Not in a bad way per se. Its just that when ever someone is examining my scrotum I guess I get a little self conscious or something.

Once I was in the room I was told to take off my pants and put a towel over my self so that just my scrotum was exposed and I could cover my legs with a sheet. The nice technician lady left while I got my self situated and came back in a little bit later.

Then she put some gel on the ultrasound 'thing' and then that was put on my testicles. She moved the thing around slowly and it felt - weird. It was similar to what I imagine some one slowly humming on my scrotum would feel like. I had expected it to be cold but it was warm. It was certainly an odd sensation.

After about twenty minutes or so she handed me a towel and told my I could clean myself up and go. My Dr. would get the results in a few days. So now I wait.


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