Thursday, January 05, 2006

Now that all that is over

So the holidays are over. Great. Back to real life. I was under the impression that the urologist would call me with the results of my last analysis. Well, its been about a month and I haven't been called. So I called him.

Once I navigated the voice prompt tree to what I hoped was the right person in the office I found myself dumped into a voice mail box. So I hang up and call back ;) and end up in the voice mail again. This time I leave a message explaining how I had the test done and was wondering if I could get some guidance on the results and all that fun stuff.

A couple hours later they call me back and let me know that they don't have any of the results and ask me where I had the test done. I am told that they often don't get the results back form the hospital. She said that she would find out whats going on.

A little bit later she calls me back and says she has them but of course the Dr. couldn't have reviewed them yet. We make an appointment for next Monday that way he can look over everything and I will be there for him to explain it all to me.

So I guess I find out more on Monday...


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