Monday, February 20, 2006

Think global, Act local

My wife just called me and told me that she has the referral. She said its a global referral and she thought that it meant that we don't need to get a referral for each and everything we do like we have been doing. Instead, it covers 'everything' that is done until we achieve a live birth.

So it would seem that we are set. Now its just a mater of making our appointments and going and seeing what happens. In the mean time I think we should probably still keep doing everything that we have been (that's the act local part). It is kind of a relief to know that at least that part of the whole process has been taken care of.

I wonder where it will get us.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mr. Godot told me to tell you he won't come this evening but surely tomorrow

I was fearful of the absurd, but I pretty much expected it.
Got a voicemail last night that the insurance wont approve the referral unless it comes from my wife's doctor. I wonder why my referral lady said that it could come from either of us since we are a couple. blah blah blah. I wonder how they will handle that in my wife's doctor's office since they said they couldn't submit the referral because the 'problems' were with me.

Anyway. I returned the call this morning and left a message asking my referral ladies to send everything to my wife's gynecologist. In addition to that, my wife said that she would call and her doctor's office and see if she could get everything taken care of. And then the absurdity continued. The referral lady called me back because the office for my wife said that they had no clue who I was and that they had no record of anyone with my name. To say I was disappointed with my referral lady would be an understatement because we discussed, at length, the fact that my wife kept her maiden name.

I guess its in the hands of my wife's doctor now. Surely Godot will be here tomorrow.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Waiting for permission, not Godot

I called the referral ladies last night and told them we had picked a place. I was put on hold while she got my chart. I was a little surprised to hear margaritaville as the hold music, and I am not quite sure what to make out of it. Luckily she wasn't gone for the whole song.
Once she had my chart and came back to the phone she started with a long list of questions about my wife. I should have known that was coming. At least I knew everything that she asked about, in a general sense anyhow.

The hardest part was finding my wife in "the system". She kept her maiden name when we got married and this was the first time it has ever been anything close to an issue.
First the referral lady looked for my wife with my last name. Which of course didn't show any results. Then she looked for my wife by her maiden name, but "the system" said that the insurance had been terminated several years ago. Luckily it turned out that was when we got married and she was placed on my insurance. Finally the referral lady found my wife and discovered that "the system" truncated my wife's last name after the first 5 letters.

Then I told her about the tests the my wife had. The multiple blood tests and examinations and the HSG. Which I couldn't remember the name of but luckily the referral lady knew what I was talking about as I clumsily described it.

Then after going through every possible combination of my wife or I ever being involved in a pregnancy with each other or anyone else the referral lady said that it would probably take at least a week, and probably more, for everything to go through and be processed. Once she puts it all together they need to submit everything to the HMO and then they pass judgment on it (Why were we given a choice of clinics that the insurance would let us go to if they didn't cover it?).

Thursday, February 02, 2006


In a true act of bravery my wife went to each of the clinics that the insurance said they might allows us to go to. She came home with a brochure, a business card, and her mind made up. The difference between the two really seems quite stark.

When she went to CHR she had a hard time finding it. I guess it is located in an office park and it seems that it is more like a business office than a medical one. Once she got there she went in and asked some questions. They gave her a business card and told her that they are only a satellite office there and they only do monitoring. Which basically means that if we wanted to use them for anything we would need to go to some other office in the city to get things started. They also only have one doctor in the area, which I suspect could lead to scheduling problems.

When she went to FCI she greeted right away and she said it seemed like they were bending over backwards to help her out. This place does everything at the same location with the exception of IVF if it comes to that, and that would only be up to two weeks working with another office and then coming back to that one. They also have a psychologist on staff and an affiliation with some yoga place. They gave her a multi page 'fancy' brochure. It has a lot of information in it, almost all of which is written for the woman, but it is still impressive compared to just a businesses card.

I don't think at this point its to awful hard to figure out which one she wants to go to. The general impression I have is that the one is very clinical and gets the job done where as the other tries to hold your hand and make you feel good. I am sure that both of them are equally effective at what they do, but if the destination is going to be the same why not enjoy the trip. I guess its time to call the referral ladies.