Sunday, April 30, 2006

& now we wait

This morning we did the IUI. They had facilities on site for my contribution. That whole process is a little weird to say the least. That whole catholic upbringing wreaks all kinds of havoc in my mind no mater how far I drift from the church. That combined with the awkward teenager feelings make for a real good time. Thank goodness everyone working there is professional about the whole thing.
Anyway after I did my part my wife an I kept each other company walking around the neighborhood for about an hour until we went back and sat down in the waiting room. I was kind of surprised at how crowded the waiting room was too. I found my self wondering what each of them had gone through to get where they were and how far along they each were in the whole process. The most striking thing was the somber mood everyone seemed to be in.
After a short while we got called up and were escorted to a room. My wife was told to undress and get up on the table and the nurse would be back in in a few minutes. Once she came back in she told us that I had produced almost 20 million with a 95% motility post wash. That was bar far the best numbers I had ever had. It makes me really wonder what changed, what's different? With numbers like that why am I even here? I was feeling very virile to say the least.
It only took the nurse a couple minutes to do what she needed to do. I guess they get everything into place by feel and she had a little problem getting it just right, but she did. So then the nurse left and told my wife to stay still for a few minutes and she would come back and when she did she unceremoniously said we could go. Don't know what I expected, was very short and nonchalant. In the long run that's probalby for the best.
So now we wait.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Technical difficulties & a trigger

I don't know why but all the posts that I had made this week seem to be gone. I can't say that I am at all happy about it.
basically, each day with the pen injections was a little better than the last. I think I had the hang of it by the second night. I wrote about that but it seems to have left into the ether. Anyway, I think the trick was to pinch up as much skin as possible (not an easy task on my wife, regardless of her protests to the contrary) and hold it pinched, then insert the needle straight in then let go of the pinched skin and push the button. Hold it in place while you count to five and then pull it straight out. Seems pretty simple now, but going into it felt a little overwhelming.
Last night we did the trigger shot. This is what is supposed to force at least one of my wife's eggs to be released. That was a regular (at least I think it was standard issue, but what do I know) needle. I used pretty much the same technique with that as I did with the pen. One thing that was kind of surprising though was that the needle was larger than with the pen. It took more force than I was expecting it to in order to break the skin. Other than that though there was no problem at all.
Tomorrow is IUI

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sticking it to my wife

After several days of my wife taking clomid, today was the day we started the injections. We used Follistim with the pen. There was a lot of trepidation on both sides of the needle, although I do think most of it was on my wife's side. I know that if the roles were reversed I probably would have been freaking out like a little kid and like 100% more than she was. After all, she is the one that is having a needle jammed into her. Anyway, I think I was a little nervous because she was so nervous. Plus, I had all the misplaced feelings of failure welling up inside and that did not help at all.

After all that it really wasn't that big of deal at all. Piercing the skin took a little more force than I thought it would. Thankfully, once it started, it went all the way in without any problems. I then pushed the button down from the premeasured dose and I tried to wait for what I hope was five seconds. At least thats how long the instructions say to wait. I think I might have pulled it out a little to soon though because after the injection it seemed like a small amount of the fluid came out of the injection site. Next time I will try and wait a little longer.

My wife was pleasantly relieved once it was all over. I think her exact words were "is that it?". She said it was no big deal at all and that she might even be able to try it herself next time. I don't think that will happen, but it might. Maybe the fourth or fifth time she might want to start doing it. Regardless, I'll do it as long as she wants me to. At least I feel I am still part of the process.

For now the bottom line is that the pen thing really made it all pretty easy and with a little luck we wont need to use it all that much anyhow.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Did I Miss Something?

So we went for the injection class and it seemed rather pointless. How ironic, saying that being taught to use needles was pointless.

Its not that learning how to use these tools was without merit in itself. Its just that it seemed hardly worth the time it took to go there. We showed up for our appointment a few minutes early like good little patients. After sitting for about 10 minutes we were called back. We sat at a table and we were shown the injection pen, how to dial a dose, what to do to reset the dose and how to inject it.
That took about five minutes and that was it. We were done.
Why did that need its own appointment?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Refrigerate Upon Arrival

The fertility "cocktails" that my wife will be taking showed up. Fedex just dropped the box off by the door, and I thought for sure someone would need to sign for it.

I only looked through it all briefly. The box had one bottle of pills, and two injectable medications. My wife is absolutely 'thrilled' at the idea of having injections. Of course the word terrified should be used instead of thrilled... Although, it looks like they are only subcutaneous (if thats spelled right it is only because the spell checker caught it) so its not like we need to get them into the muscle or a vein or anything to complex. There is also a pen type device that looks like it takes all the guess work out of the injections, just like the lancet that a diabetic uses to check their glucose. The only problem is that she finds none of that reassuring at all.

We are supposed to go to the fertility doctor's office next week to learn how to do the injections, but I really don't see what we needed to be taught. I am probably being to blasé about it. Maybe this part is easier for me because I am not the one the is about to be turned into a walking chemistry experiment.