Saturday, April 29, 2006

Technical difficulties & a trigger

I don't know why but all the posts that I had made this week seem to be gone. I can't say that I am at all happy about it.
basically, each day with the pen injections was a little better than the last. I think I had the hang of it by the second night. I wrote about that but it seems to have left into the ether. Anyway, I think the trick was to pinch up as much skin as possible (not an easy task on my wife, regardless of her protests to the contrary) and hold it pinched, then insert the needle straight in then let go of the pinched skin and push the button. Hold it in place while you count to five and then pull it straight out. Seems pretty simple now, but going into it felt a little overwhelming.
Last night we did the trigger shot. This is what is supposed to force at least one of my wife's eggs to be released. That was a regular (at least I think it was standard issue, but what do I know) needle. I used pretty much the same technique with that as I did with the pen. One thing that was kind of surprising though was that the needle was larger than with the pen. It took more force than I was expecting it to in order to break the skin. Other than that though there was no problem at all.
Tomorrow is IUI


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