Friday, June 02, 2006

Over 130 BPM

Thats good news. The ultrasound showed that everything is as it should be. All very normal for six and a half weeks. Very similar to this one. A yolk sac with a "fetal pole" and I am told a heart beat. In the center of the indistinguishable blob destined to be my progeny my said she could see the constant motion of the heart beat. The heart was going at over 130 beats per minute which I am told is good and strong.

I wasn't able to accompany my wife for the ultrasound cause I couldn't get out of work, but from her description it sure seems like it was really amazing. The whole idea of it all and that it seems to really be happening is a little beyond comprehension. Especially from my perspective as the guy. I don't have any physical changes taking place, I don't have any hormone surges, I have no symptoms. My wife isn't even really having any symptoms yet. It will be a while yet before she is noticeably pregnant and although she has had some nausea she has yet to experience any real morning sickness (although we have both been told that its still a little early for that too). I really should just enjoy it. I am sure I will be dealing with diapers and that joy soon enough :)

It seems like we are off to a good real solid start. As I have more thoughts, observations and news to share I will post it here. Once everyone has arrived safely I will probably take up Just another Jenny's suggestion and rename this to Life Afterwards or something like that.