Wednesday, July 26, 2006


We went for an ultrasound test the other day. It was absolutely amazing to see the what was clearly recognizable as baby. The little thing was dancing around, waving, and even turning over. It left me speechless.

This whole process is just incredible. My wife has developed a little belly which is quite a site to see. I think she has mixed feelings about because she alternates between bemoaning how "big" she has gotten and beaming with joy that she has someone growing inside there.

There really hasn't been much else to say or report from my perspective. Maybe that isn't the right way to say it because I have been really busy, but I am not the one going through bizarre changes with a baby growing inside. I'm sure my wife would have a lot to say. However, since we don't have enough going on we decided to complete the cliche and buy a new house. We are supposed to close in about a month. I would actually prefer to put it off for a bit longer but I guess things have a way of working out.